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Why Is Your Instagram Reach So Low and How to Fix It

Why Is Your Instagram Reach So Low and How to Fix It

By the end of 00s social networks had become important for businesses as well, not just networks that help you keep in touch with friends and make new friends. Certainly, Facebook was the most popular, and the situation has changed over the years, so today Instagram and TikTok dominate. Instagram has been owned by Facebook since 2012, and since the middle of 2018, it has over a billion users a month.

That information shows Instagram is a place where you can reach a huge number of people like probably in no other way. Even if you advertise during the SuperBowl, no that many people will saw your brand or business, and this type of advertising will cost you millions of dollars, while Instagram is free. And if you want to boost s post, it is very affordable. However, the situation is more complicated than it sounds. Many notice that Instagram reach is nowhere near what they would like and then wonder why this is the case. We will explain to you why your Instagram reach so low and how to fix it.

Algorithm in general is a set of rules which is in charge of who will see which post and when. If you don’t work for Meta Platforms, Inc. which is the new name for Facebook, Inc. and which owns Instagram, you certainly don’t know all the secrets of the Instagram algorithm. Even most developers employed by Meta do not know all the details of the algorithm and that is how company is trying to prevent any type of manipulation.

But that shouldn’t discourage you. There are definitely ways for your reach to be better. It is important that you regularly follow the updates of the Instagram algorithm. There is no date when the algorithm is updated, but it happens from time to time, sometimes more often sometimes not so often. Follow the news and as soon as you read that certain announcements have been made on the algorithm, try to adjust your content accordingly. Relevance of the content is something that has always been important and will always be, and certain things change around timeline and communication with followers.

When we say spam, we do not mean the classic spam messages that you receive in the email inbox, either for the purpose of commercial advertising or for the purpose of phishing. Spam in the context of Instagram posts means that you are posting too much content that is not relevant.

You may think it’s good to provide new content to your followers several times a day, but then it’s very difficult to maintain relevance. And then the Instagram algorithm can be very harsh to your profile. Spam is the thing that the algorithm probably most often “punishes” of all others. You have to strike a balance between publishing content regularly and avoiding being labeled as spam. That is key to success and reverse downtrend of Instagram reach you are noticing lately.

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