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Sharknado 2 Poster Released: Look Out, Lady Liberty!

Sharknado 2 has a new release date and a new poster.

And New York may soon be in the market for a new towering figure.

Syfy has announced that the wildly-anticipated follow-up to last summer’s unexpected smash will premiere on Wednesday, July 30 at 9/8c, one day earlier than initially scheduled.

It has also unveiled the first official piece of promotional art – and the Statue of Liberty may wanna take cover…

Ian Ziering and Tara Reid will return for the sequel and they will be joined by such Z-listers as Mark McGrath, Judah Friedlander and Andy Dick.

Sharknado exploded violently into our living rooms in July 2013 and the Twitterverse reacted in kind.

Here’s a look back at some of the most memorable celebrity Tweets:

Judah Friedlander – Thanks for watching #Sharknado with me. I’m going to work on my screenplay for Vaginaconda.Horatio Sanz – I wish I could join in on the shenanigans, But I had a cousin that was killed by a #Sharknado back in ’93. #RamonRIPRob Delany – I usually hate Wes Anderson, but Sharknado’s actually pretty good. two heads, one magnificent shark tail. Emmys all around. #SharknadoTwo.Patton Oswalt – Just got a call from the 2nd A.D. on the movie I’m filming. Call time canceled tomorrow. ALL movies canceled. It’s done. #SharkNado.B.J. Novak – I’m afraid that now when we have a real sharknado everyone’s going to treat it like a joke.Damon Lindelhof -This movie is such a ripoff of THE BICYCLE THIEF. #LiveTweetingSharknado #Highbrow.”

Pele Dead? CNN Tweets Soccer Legend’s Demise; Rep Shoots Down Hoax

Pele is dead. At least one were to trust CNN, which many people understandably might given its (rapidly diminishing) reputation as a real news organization.

Fortunately for Pele, and unfortunately for CNN’s future, he is alive and well.

The 74-year-old soccer legend is doing just fine despite a death hoax that gained steam on Friday and apparently duped the CNN show New Day.

And as a result, the network erroneously tweeted that Pele died (see below):

A rep for Pele quickly shot down this “breaking” story and confirmed he’s A-O-K.

A rep for CNN confirmed the network is going off the air in May. Just kidding!

Death hoaxes and false death rumors have always been around, but they’ve become 100 times common in the age of social media and declining journalism.

Just ask Pawn Stars’ Chumlee or Wayne Knight in the past month alone.

Check out our gallery of stars the Internet has fake-killed below:

Daniel Hashimoto: Dreamworks Dad Turns Son Into Superhero

Did someone say “coolest dad ever?” While most home videos are made up of blurry vacation highlights and baby’s first crawl, Dreamworks effects specialist Daniel Hashimoto has managed to turn his self-shot footage into video evidence that his kid is a freakin’ superhero/Jedi hybrid.

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Check out the videos above and tell us little James (or Action Movie kid, as he’s known online) isn’t the luckiest tyke in LA.

Through the magic of CGI, James is able to trash a toy store with his light saber, leap to the ceiling with a Batman grappling gun, and jump to safety as his living room floor turns to fire-spewing lava.

“I made them mostly because he is really funny and imaginative,” Hashimoto told the Daily News. “James doesn’t watch TV or movies very much. We play tons of games with him throughout the day.”

And it looks as though their father-son fun time has translated to Internet gold, with the light saber video alone receiving over half a million views on YouTube.

Dad’s response to his newfound web celeb status? “It’s humbling and I’m excited that a little hobby I have is enjoyable to other people,” Hashimoto said. Like we said, coolest dad ever. Are you looking for business translation services? Contact Translation Services UK

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