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Next NYC new usa online casinos 2022 real money Room Review

My plan is to head out to my next room tonight, assuming no unforeseen calamities. Look for the review by Thursday. Hopefully the room won’t be closed by the NYPD the day after I write the review.

New Additions to the Blogroll

Please welcome Stan’s Ace Nuts to the blogroll and the poker blogging community. He brings a unique perspective to poker and blogging, so check him out!

Also, a belated addition of Outkicked to the blogroll. He’s been a frequent commenter here and I’ve only just now gotten around to checking him out because I’m a slacker.

15/30 for the First Time

Marge: This is the worst thing you’ve ever done.

Homer: You say that so often that it lost its meaning.

For quite a while now I have gazed longingly at the Party 15/30 tables. Every time I watch, I’m astounded at the low level of play. The games seem very soft and beatable. Problem is, I don’t have the bankroll for 15/30, ESPECIALLY since I don’t have a job and since poker is supposed to be paying my $1,000 monthly rent (it is) until I get a job (hopefully soon — had a third interview this week).

Today, things changed. I played 15/30 for the first time. This was probably the stupidest poker decision I have made in a while. See, I was very upset after another two SnG losses (now 1 for my last 9), one when I ran into a sucker new usa online casinos 2022 real money of AA 4-handed and caught top pair on the turn, and the second when I simply did not believe that the guy had stayed in with bottom pair when the board paired on the turn and there were no draws on board. That one steamed me so much that I slammed the table in frustration.

This, of course, was the time I chose to sit down at a game FAR beyond my $1700 bankroll. Makes sense, right? I think I fell vicitm to “I’m having a tough time at my normal limits lately so I’ll step it up and get it all back in one fell swoop” syndrome. Bad me. Very bad me.

Be that as it may, I wandered around the 15/30 tables for a while and finally settled on one where there weren’t any super huge stacks. While I waited for the button to pass, I watched, and it was typical Party 15/30 — which means, super loose. The main difference from 3/6 is that 15/30 tends not to be as passive. More raising preflop and postflop, but in true Party style, raising doesn’t get people to fold. I watched one hand that was capped four-ways preflop. The flop was K-T-4, two clubs. All four people called two bets on the flop to see an offsuit 3 on the turn. Another one bet each before checking down an offsuit 6 on the river, for a $502 pot. The hands shown down at the river: K9o (winner with top pair), T9o, 77 and 55. Yikes. I felt like asking the guy with 55 to just give his money to me, since it seemed clear he didn’t want to hang onto it.

Anyway, I posted behind the button. First hand: 7h 3d. Wheeeee. There were two limpers to me, I checked, somebody else limped behind before the SB completed and the BB checked. Would you believe the flop came:


The BB led out and I was the only caller. The turn was an 8. He bet again, I raised, and he fled the scene. Just like that, I was up $117. I finished that orbit and then stayed for only one more round of blinds. A new player sat down two seats to my left who was raising a wide variety of hands, sometimes after the flop had already been raised. Realizing that I was fortunate to be up $92 instead of down $40 (or more, given that I was camped out on the edge of Tiltsville), and that I was sitting on the wrong side of that player if I wanted to preserve my sanity, I got the hell out of Dodge.

Lord, though, how I wish I had the bankroll for 15/30!

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