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How to Remove Smile Lines | Morpheus8 Treatment Atlanta


Every time you give a smile, a few creases originate from the side of your nose and extends till the corners of your mouth, which further separates your jawline from your cheek bones. These are nothing but your smile lines, as commonly known as. While some believe such lines enhance the charm in their face, others consider them to be unsightly, probably because they mar their youthfulness. The lines appear whenever you smile or stretch your jaw and the skin surrounding your lips get stretched. Facial exercises targeting the mouth and cheek areas increase blood flow and improve muscle tone leaving your skin looking youthful and healthy. We recommend you to check out this website–  to learn about their “Morpheus8 Treatment Atlanta” services.

How to Remove Smile Lines

  1. Pull both the upper and lower lips slightly inward and hold them tight. Now blow air inside your mouth so the area around your mouth expands. Stay in this position for a count of five and release. Repeat for three sets.
  2. Lie down comfortably and relax your face. Pucker your lips and suck in the corners of your mouth slightly like making a fish face. Hold for five counts and relax. Repeat three times.
  3. Make a small “O” shape with your mouth having your lips slightly parted. Keep them tight and smile from the corners of your mouth. Feel the cheek muscles move. Hold for three seconds and relax. Repeat this exercise five times.
  4. Keep your lips together and face relaxed. Move the corners of your lips away in a wide smile. Feel the muscles on your cheekbone lifting up. If you have higher cheekbones causing your eyes to squeeze while doing this exercise, gently lift your eyebrows to open up your eyes.
  5. Smile widely with your lips parted. Squeeze the sides of your cheek to work the corner of your mouth. Repeat five times.

skin problems on face

A very common skin trouble occuring in winter happens to be psoriasis. By its nature, it gets aggravated In cold weather and subsides in summers. All psorasis patients know how dreadful winter can be for them. Statically, there are about 10 – 12 million psorasis patients in india. Despite there large number, awareness among the general pubic about this deseas is minimal.

A few myths also needs to be cleared about this malady, the most important one being about its infactious nature. Most people belive that this is infactious in nature and can be transmitted to a healthy being. But the fact is that psoriasis in not at all infectious in nature and cannot be transmitted from one being to another. Posariasis is an inflammatory disease in which cells of the outer layer stats multiplying and dividing at very fast pace. Due to this incresed pace of cell devision, immature cells of the skin pile up and pushed out by a fast growth underneath. This gives the skin a silvery white scaly look. It could also look like simple dandruff. On removing the scales , the skin underneath turns out reddish and raw in nature. The main complaint that patients has is intense ithching that accompnies these lesions.

The common areas of involvement are the ones where more pressure is exerted like elbows, knees, buttocks and lower part of the spine. Those areas which have suffered some injury are also likely to have these lesions. About half of the patients have some degree of fingernail involvement. The nails may appear as pitting or they are thicken.

Modern medical science hs been unable to pin point the exact cause of this skin problem, though the genetic factor has been found to be playing a role to some extent. The fact that it gets aggravated in the winters has to do with the dryness of the skin. Therefore, hydrating the skin can be of some help in handling problem. It has also been found in some patients that any infection like a sore throat can trigger it. Rubbing of the skin and pressure can cause flareups. Certains drugs like lithium and beta-blockers can prove to be cause.

A link has also been found between psoriasis and obesity. This means that people suffering with psoriasis can gain by reducing their wait. It occurance decreases with an increated intake of carrots, tomatoes and fresh fruits. Vegetarian diets have been known to be helpful for those suffering from psoriasis .

Homeopathic medicines have been found to be quite effective in helping such patients. But it is always better to consult a doctor than induige in self-medication.

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