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Find Out Some of the Best Scenic Locations for Picnicking


Here are some of the best scenic locations for picnicking that completely change the way you enjoy the winter. Are you willing to buy 2023 Nude Calendars, order 2023 Calendars here.

Wearing the winter wear or sleeping under the quilt for a long time must not be the only options for this winter. There must be a picnic plan in your list. If you are a picnic lover then a picnic in a scenic picnic spot will be an extra addition to your enjoyment. To add some spice to your winter celebration, let us have a look at some of the best scenic locations for picnicking.

Scenic Locations for Picnicking

Madam Brett Park among the best scenic locations for picnicking

This 12 Acre Park is situated on Beacon in Duchess County, New York. It is an oasis in the urbanarea along the Fishkill Creek in Beacon .The most important feature is the tranquil trails and the outstanding waterfall. The park connects with the trail called Beacon Shoreline trail. It provides the picnic lovers a link between Denning’s Point, Long Dock Beacon and also with the station of Beacon. The Tioronda falls and the scenic view of the tidal marshes catch the heart of the people. The spots offer the scopes of hiking and you can have a walk on the trails. A click of the picturesque waterfall is a superb idea. The picnic with your family and friends in this park will surely enhance the glamour of your enjoyment.

Hessian Park

Hessian Lake at the Bear Mountain Park is located in some rocky mountains that rise from the west bank of Hudson River. The picnic groves are entirely shaded and the large playing field is the greatest attraction for children. This one of the best scenic locations for picnicking allows you to visit the zoo and also the lake here offers the scopes of fishing. The swimming pool, the small craft all are there to give you the utmost pleasure of Picnicking. The list does not end here. From the month of October to mid of the March you can acquire the experiences of ice skating. Sounds very adventurous? Wait there are more to enthrall you. Biking, ski-jumps, and the hiking will make the moments unforgettable for you. You can also do a cross country skiing if you wish.

Snake Hill

Snake Hill is stretched to 94.5 acres and with no trails. The beautiful landscape surrounds the entire and area has a mesmerizing effect .The Snake Hill is the chief feature of this place which stands with a scenic view. Though there are no trails, adventure lovers can hike to the summit to get the rewarding effect of the nature. This place is the best for those who love to study the language of the Nature. The silence of the place compels the Nature lovers to strengthen the bond. Bird-watching in this place is a great idea. After enjoying a grand picnic here, you can explore the beauty of Hudson Valley.

The best scenic locations for picnicking are there for you to welcome the fast approaching season of picnic. Share the idea with your family and friends and get the bag ready to have a great picnic this year.

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