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Bid farewell to “computer skin” can remove acne trouble

If your work must be completed on your computer, you often face the computer for several hours, then your skin will have a trendy new name, called “computer-skin”, it is the office lady of the signs, it is coarse pores, color bleak, since dry skin, acne breeding range of skin problems such as a synonym. Then how to bid farewell to “computer skin” it? Let us look at a few reporters collect to restore the delicate skin of the tactics.

1, meticulously protection

Every morning the skin-care procedures can not be sloppy, first use of both moisturizing and whitening effects Skin Toning water or water, and then painted with emulsion or cream paragraph so that you can prevent the face of the computer when the skin produced by radiation The water shortages, while inhibiting melanin formation.

At noon, after you are finished using the computer, it is best to use face cream carefully cleaning the skin, in order to reduce the radiation on the skin to stimulate and promote new skin metabolic.

2, smear isolation cream

After the use of emulsion or cream, the foundation before, we must apply a layer of texture, light, ventilation and good isolation cream to help the skin in the dust and radiation before the computer set up a “protective barrier.” Question emulsion or cream, such as skin care products have been fully absorbed, the first in the forehead, chin, nose and cheek points isolation respectively, and then to beat manner applied, so that the most effective way of smearing. Also you can read about “before and after aging lips” here

3, night repair and care

Night to give the skin sufficient to repair and more to enhance the resistance of the skin, it can be an appropriate choice is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E ingredients isolation, could inhibit the emergence of free radicals to prevent premature skin aging, skin surface in the daytime when the computer has become safe and easy.

4, Clean computer

The work of clean not only the skin needs, do not forget your computer for day-to-day cleaning. Before every time start the computer, with a clean flannel to the small screen, keyboard and mouse rubbed again, to reduce dust above. At present, the market kind of computer cleaning fluid, not only to remove the dirt in these places, as well as the effectiveness of Sterilization is also an essential protection “weapons.”



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